Conrad Betton
Born in Barnsley in 1986 and continuing a long and sustained family interest for tennis, Conrad has developed a profound passion for playing tennis since the early age of seven. Educated at Wakefield Independent School and Queen Elizabeth Boys Grammar School Sixth form in Wakefield, he has now secured a place to study for a degree in Sports Science and Chemistry at Loughborough University.  
He has represented at various city and county levels regularly, including Halifax, Sheffield, Barnsley and Bradford. One of main highlights included winning the Yorkshire League title for Barnsley Tennis Club, although being selected as one of only six people in the country to experience playing on the courts at Wimbledon at 13 years of age was certainly the most memorable achievement to date.  Prior to going to university, he is undergoing a rigorous training programme as part of a Gap Year at the Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club, Sheffield.
Being presently coached by Gary Henderson, a former British International Davis Cup player, his aim is to compete at the highest level in the sport of professional tennis.  Eventually it is his ultimate ambition is to achieve a world ranking within the top 50 players as a minimum.
David Sherwood, the British International Davis Cup player and a competitor at the All England Wimbledon Championships Tournament (Wimbledon) this year, is Conrad’s regular training partner.
Ian Horsley, the physiotherapist and rehabilitator for the current England Rugby League team, is working closely with Conrad in order to develop his fitness and exercise programmes to the highest standard.
Conrad’s commitment to play tennis at all levels, comprises of travelling to far away countries, including New Zealand, Australia, India and Indonesia in order to gain as many points as possible. This is an absolute pre-requisite for appropriate consideration within the recognised Association Tennis Professional ranking system.  However, owing to limited funding this restricts his progress and consequently does not allow him to develop his full potential.
It would be most appreciated if budding sponsors can kindly consider the possibilities of funding, either in part or full, Conrad’s future tournament schedules and training programmes to allow his fullest potential as a serious Tennis player to be developed.